Becoming An Officiant With Andrews Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant Peter Andrews

Managing Member Rev. Peter Andrews

If you are a minister or a retired minister and still love dealing with people, becoming a wedding Officiant maybe for you. Performing a wedding ceremony is rewarding, and you will find a new ministry and appreciation for love that few other ministries can provide. God created marriage, and He did not create it only for Christians. He created it for humanity, so it does not belong only to the church but to humanity as a whole. The language of love is universal and when we learn and experience this, we learn the very essence of life that God gave us. It goes beyond churches, legalizing states and countries and belongs to humanity for its fulfillment, enjoyment and purpose for living.

Being an ordained or licensed minister gives you the privilege of being part of this beautiful occasion. Qualities you will need in becoming a wedding Officiant are: patience, flexibility, commitment and understanding. Although the wedding is surrounded by positive and happy feelings it is also the fifth most stressful event in life. This is where your training and experience in ministry can be so vital and calming for the couple.

Joining our team of wedding Officiants does not cost anything. What we are looking for is the right individuals that will maintain and contribute to the continuing success of our ministry.

Five steps to becoming a wedding Officiant.

  1. To see if we are a fit for each other, click on the button below and complete our application form. This form does not commit you to anything. It merely describes our philosophy and how we operate. You will then be asked a few questions concerning your philosophy. Upload a picture of yourself (can be in action) and your resume (one page is enough).
  2. Based on this form, you will be contacted for a telephonic meeting and then a one on one to get to know each other better.
  3. If we are all still a good fit, then it will be time to complete the last form and schedule a time for a professional to take your photograph for the website.
  4. You will go through some training in order for you to be familiar with our system and code of ethics.
  5. Once you are on our team, we book you based on availability, location and/or the couple’s request.


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