We know, this may be your first wedding so even just securing the Officiant can be confusing. Here is a quick reference explaining the process of securing the wedding Officiant.

What to Expect

The ceremony is the start and the reason for your celebration and the officiant is the one who sets the stage for your big event. To achieve this, selecting the right officiant is crucial. You have provided your guests the best service and planned every last detail. Therefore, the officiant should not be the cheapest but the most polished to enhance and set the stage for celebrating your special day.

Questions To Ask When Search For An Officiant

Choosing the officiant for your ceremony is one of the most important decisions of your wedding day.  Yet, many times it gets lost in the excitement of planning their wedding. You want your ceremony to be memorable and meaningful, so it’s important to find the right person for you!

Tips For Choosing Your Officiant

Writing your own vows adds a personal touch to your ceremony. However, if writing your own vows are not for you there is no shame in using standard vows. Standard vows were written by famous, romantic and poetic individuals and have been used for years by many couples. We provide vows in our manual to each of our couples, so they can make the choice of writing their own vows or not. We have also varied the vows from traditional to contemporary, religious to civil.

Writing Your Own Vows


Texas participates in a program called “Twogether in Texas.” Premarital courses that qualify for a $60 discount on the marriage license.  The course consists of 8 hours of premarital counseling with a registered officiate, counselor, non-profit, church or anyone or organization that is registered and approved by Twogether In Texas.

Andrews Wedding Ceremonies pre-marital online course

After taking one of the two packages available and completing a questionnaire with me, the state of Texas will give you a $60 discount on your marriage license. You will prepare yourself in the comfort of your own home for the most important and biggest decision you will ever make in your life, getting married. Marriage 101 is faith based with common marriage and relational principles, it makes vital topics for conversation available online so you can take advantage of some of the best marriage preparation available today. Here is what you will be discussing: Marital Expectations, Communication, Personality Differences, Conflict Resolution, Spiritual Intimacy, Relating With Money 1 & 2 and Sexual Intimacy. Click on the logo for more details or call me 817 422-3901.

Andrews Wedding Ceremonies has two options: An online course from $99 and one on one counseling that vary based on the needs of the couple. See our Library Of Resources page or call for more information.

Marriage 101

Andrews Wedding Officiants has personally worked with every vendor on our list and we proudly recommend them to you to help make your wedding day truly special and worry free!

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