Planning A Wedding Ceremony

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October 10, 2014 Wedding Planning No Comments

You’re getting married! As a wedding officiant, I look forward to helping couples make their wedding day one of the happiest in their lives. Planning a wedding ceremony is at the heart of the day’s celebration, so the wedding officiant needs to make sure that it’s planned thoughtfully and thoroughly with your input.

The officiant’s goal is to guide you in tailoring your ceremony to fit your personalities. The ceremony should be meaningful and show the beauty of your love for each other, whether the tone is solemn, lighthearted, religious, contemporary, traditional – whatever you feel is right for you as a couple.

Your first step to planning a wedding ceremony should be to sit down together and ponder the importance of your ceremony.  Our planning manual does this for you by giving you the outline of a ceremony and all the contents and decisions you will making with your officiant.

Think about it: It is the start of your big day, the opening event. It shows off who you are as a couple and sets the tone for the whole event. Much time and effort have gone into planning your wedding celebrations. The ceremony is the very cause for these celebrations, so it is important that thoughtful planning be dedicated to making it perfect for you.

Next, determine what approach you would like your ceremony to take. Are you a religious couple who would like a traditional ceremony from a particular denomination? If so, the ceremony would normally involve traditional prewritten scripts. Or are you a spiritual / nondenominational couple who wants a flexible ceremony with more contemporary material? You could also have a spiritual ceremony if you are both from different faiths but would like the mention of God to be terminology acceptable to both faiths. If you are nonreligious, you probably would prefer a civil service, a ceremony that can be full of meaning and romance without any religious content.

One of the most important parts of the wedding ceremony are the vows. You may want to go with prewritten ones and repeat them after the wedding Officiant or you may want to write your own. See my article of writing your own vows

Finally, consider adding special touches or traditions to your ceremony. Traditions can be in keeping with your family history or cultural background. You might need to do some research on these traditions and check with your officiant and the facility to see if they will allow such an event. Special touches to your ceremony can be meaningful symbols of your love for each other. For example, you could include the unity cross, unity heart, unity candle, sand ceremony, rose ceremony, handfasting and more. There are many that can be researched on the Internet or our online Shop

Planning a wedding ceremony is not easy for you as a couple and it should be the commitment of your officiant to capture your love story, in a service that is meaningful and romantic to you and your guests. Make your dreams for your wedding ceremony come true and book one of our dedicated team of Officiants!