Selecting a wedding Officiant can be a daunting task especially if you do not know them. Will the Officiant be compatible with our personalities? Will he/she allows us to do something we would like to include? How will we know if it will be a struggle working and contacting the Officiant? What you do not want is a stranger officiating the most important decision you are making in life and then not knowing what he/she is going to say or do. So here are some questions for you to ask the Officiant, the ones referring him or her and yourselves that will get you started with deciding on who is the right wedding Officiant is for your ceremony.

  1. Your wedding venue may have a preferred vendors list that they recommend. A question you should ask. “Do the vendors pay to be on your prefered vendors list?” If so, you need to check them out through third party sources. Paying to be on the list does not necessarily mean the best vendor by service. It also does not mean otherwise, it means, you still have more checking to do with that particular vendor. Online reviews from the Knot & Weddingwire or Google searches are reviews vendors cannot tamper with.
  2. What previous experience does the officiant have, especially if they were ordained online? Presiding over a ceremony is more than standing up front saying a few words.
  3. Is the officiant flexible? It is not about the officiant, but about you and the love you would like to express to each other in your ceremony. The ceremony therefore should be centered around the two of you.
  4. Did the officiant reply to your inquiry in a timely manner? If not, then you may be frustrated later on. Did you come away more informed and feeling that he/she was going to take care of your concerns and selections? Does he or she fit into your personalities, beliefs and is easy to talk with?
  5. Is the officiant prepared to meet with you, (if you desire) before paying a deposit? If you do not meet with him/her do you have a current picture? You will be amazed how proud we are of our youth.
  6. Will he or she have a one on one consultion with you before your wedding? Personal touches may have to be ordered online for your ceremony. It also gives you time to get to know each other and you do not have a stranger that you have never met perform such an intimate commitment.
  7. Does the officiant provide materials to help you through the preparation? For most of you it is your first time and a sturcture of a ceremony and how to think about it will help you and your officiant make your ceremony personal.
  8. Does the officiant offer a contract? This is not so much about legalities, but about clearly defining what you and the officiant have agreed to. A deposit is also in your best interest. It secures the officiant for your day and time. Words can be misinterpreted, but a contract and payment is sure.
  9. Can the officiant run a rehearsal efficiently? A good indication of this is whether he or she provides guidance worksheets for the ceremony and rehearsal. Preparing ahead of time avoids the stress of trying to make decisions on the spot. Your rehearsal is typically the day before your wedding, so you want this event to be relaxing, smooth, stress-free and fun.
  10. Is a backup officiant offered in case an emergency arises and your officiant is unable to preside over the ceremony?