The Unity Cross

The Unity Cross-Andrews Wedding Ceremonies
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What is the Unity Cross?


The unity cross is a special touch that can be included in the wedding ceremony. It helps illustrate how two become one in marriage. Like the unity candle, the unity cross portion of the ceremony can include the family: The two mothers bring both sections of the cross to the wedding officiant for them to be united.

How the unity cross is incorporated into your ceremony:

Unity Cross groom Rev. Peter Andrews Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Typically, just after the rings are exchanged, the minister will take the outer cross and give it to the groom. He will then say that this section of the cross represents how God created the groom to be bold, strong and the protector of the family. The groom will then place the outer cross into the base.

Unity Cross Rev. Peter Andrews Marty Leonard Chapel

However, the cross is then empty in the center, signifying that the groom is incomplete without his bride. The wedding officiant then hands the inner cross to the bride, explaining that God created the bride to be beautiful, delicate and multifaceted. When the bride places the inner cross into the outer cross, the two complete each other and become one.

But if the cross is left as it is in this state, it will fall apart. This represents how challenges in life will tear a couple apart without the covenant from God. The officiant then explains how your relationship is secured with that covenant, in the name of the Father (minister inserts the top peg) and of the Son (groom inserts the righthand peg) and in the Holy Spirit (bride inserts the lefthand peg). What God has joined together, let no man separate.

How the unity cross can continue to be a part of your life together:

The base of the unity cross has a drawer. You can place your vows in the drawer and then on your first anniversary (being the paper anniversary), read your vows to each other. This can help you remember the special day when your hearts and souls were joined as one before God. This can be a tradition for all of your anniversaries. It is beautiful that the very unity cross that was used in your ceremony will have a significant part in your home and in each anniversary celebrated hereafter.

The unity cross comes in different colors and materials to suit your household decor. So if you are to include the unity cross, select one not necessarily according to your ceremony colors but one that will suit your home.