The Unity Heart

Unity Heart
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 What is the Unity Heart?

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The Unity Heart is a beautiful symbol assembled in the wedding ceremony, illustrating how two hearts destined for each other became one. It is a lasting reminder that will be placed in the couple’s home reminding them of how two hearts entrusted themselves to each other and now they beat as one. Love is always described to be in the heart, “I love you with all my heart….” “….from the bottom of my heart…” so symbolizing your love for each other with a heart is very fitting. The beauty about adding the Unity Heart continues as a symbol in your home long after the ceremony. Unlike unity candles and unity sand, which burnout or are eventually thrown away. The unity heart stands as a decoration and reminder in your home for years to come.

The Unity Heart comes with a Christian faith based script, however if you chose to have a civil ceremony the following is my version of a nonreligious Unity Heart ceremony.

How does the Unity Heart work?

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(Officiant hands outside of the heart to the groom) The outside of the unity heart signifies the groom; bold, strong, and protector of the family. (groom places outside heart into the base) Yet when we look at the groom’s heart, although strong on the outside, the center is empty and void, symbolizing that he is incomplete without his bride.

(Officiant hands inside of the heart to bride) The center of the unity heart signifies the bride; beautiful, creative and delicate (bride place her heart into the outer heart) When she places her heart inside his they intrust their hearts to each other but at the same time they fulfill and complete each other, making two hearts beat as one.

However if the heart is left as it is, any challenge in life the Unity Heart will fall apart, so we now secure and seal them in the power and the beauty of love (Officiant to insert locking piece) and from this time on they shall beat as one heart. What love has brought together, let no one separate.

So what’s with the Draw?

Depending on the color you select the Unity Heart may or may not include a draw with the base. White, black and white, black and silver tend to be without a draw. Other newer models have draws like the Unity Cross. Drawers are great as they can be used for a number of reasons.

Before the wedding day you write a note to each other and bring it with you to the ceremony. Once the parts of the Unity Heart are assembled, the officiant will explain to the guests the notes you have written to each other. You will then place them in the draw only to be opened and read again on your first anniversary.

The draw could be a place where you keep a copy of your vows that can be read from time to time.

If you take your wedding rings off at night it could be a place to store them. No better place than the very symbol that illustrates your love for each other.