The Wedding Bell

The Belltower Chapel and Gardens
April 10, 2017 Ceremony Trends Blog No Comments

From wedding cake toppers to engravings on the invitations, wedding bells are often part of the wedding decorations. Where does this tradition come from?
Bells were regularly sounded by churches to announce the time of day or to announce an event. Different rings proclaimed different events. In Celtic times, the bells were rung before a wedding service and as the couple was coming down the aisle. In Scotland, the bells were rung after the couple was married and exiting down the aisle. Some rang the bells both before and after. The Irish not only announced the marriage with bells but also gave bells as presents. Wedding bells were rung in celebration and joy. They were also intended to drive away evil spirits seeking to take the happiness away from the couple.
Today we use church wedding bells to represent celebration and to wish the couple happiness in their marriage. It’s a joyful sound that rings across the community announcing the happy union. There are a number of places around the Dallas Fort Worth area with chapel bells. One venue in Fort Worth that has a chapel and bell in the Belltower Chapel and Gardens. The historic cast-stone chapel features stunning stained glass windows, a distinctive steeple and working bell tower, a favorite of the couples who select the venue. The building was originally owned by the Masons which served as an orphanage. Andrews Wedding Ceremonies had the privilege of performing a wedding with a couple that had met when they were orphans at the Belltower Chapel and Gardens.
We do not always have the opportunity to ring church bells, but we can still include bells in wedding ceremonies on a smaller scale. For example, a special small porcelain bell can be rung by the wedding Officiant right after the vows/ring exchange or after the blessing has been pronounced. Afterward, the bell can be displayed in a special place in your home as a wedding memento.
A sweet and fun modern twist on this ancient tradition with less clean up than confetti or pedals is to give tiny bells to your wedding guests, including instructions for them to ring them as the two of you are united or when you exit down the aisle.