Welcome, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Wedding ceremonies are about commitment, joy and celebration right from the time you start planning. However, for many couples this is their first time and do not know where to start or what questions they should be asking, and then by the time you figure it all out you do not need it again. Even if this is not your first time you may have forgotten everything by now. That is why when you book with Andrews Wedding Ceremonies you will be provided with a manual and worksheets to guide you. In the mean time are some wedding ceremony FAQ that couples and parents have asked in the past.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Does it make a difference to the price whether we have a large wedding or a small gathering?
A:No. The major component that affects the price is whether you have your ceremony on a prime day and time, e.g. a Saturday evening.
Q: Can we write our own vows?
A: Yes! In fact, we strongly encourage writing your own vows because it adds a personal touch to your ceremony. However, this is not for everyone and we also provide a variations of vows for you to select.
Q: Are we required to have pre-marital counseling?
A: No, but pre-marital counseling is a good idea. A good counseling session can provide a solid foundation for a marriage and help to prevent future discord. If you are not comfortable with pre-marital counseling, there are many books on the subject that we will gladly recommend.
Q: Can our family or friends take part in the ceremony?
A: Certainly, we encourage it. However, we will need to review the content of their activity or reading.  Some churches and chapels do have some restrictions in keeping with their faith and settings.
Q: Do we need a rehearsal?
A: Yes and No. If your wedding party is only yourselves and one or two others, you can do without the rehearsal. For anything larger than that, rehearsals are advisable. Doing a run-through, even if it is without the Officiant or wedding planner will put your mind at ease and prevent problems from arising on your big day. You have spent many hours planning the wedding, why wouldn't you want the ceremony to be just as polished? See our article on "How To Run Your Own Rehearsal"
Q: Do we need a wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding?
A: We strongly recommend it! Whether you use a professional or a detail-oriented friend, you cannot do all of the planning yourself. It's also important to remember that your officiant cannot direct the wedding party once the ceremony begins. Although everyone practices in the rehearsal, some people go blank on the day of the wedding. That's why it is a good idea to have a person to tell them what to do and when to walk. Believe me, we have performed enough weddings to know that investing in a wedding coordinator is money well spent!
Q: If we have a coordinator, do we need the officiant at the rehearsal?
A: No you do not need us there. Our Officiants are very familiar with how they should walk in. We also go through the complete ceremony with you in the consultation. However, how polished to you want your ceremony to be and for some brides to have the Officiant there there adds more security and comfort? We always make it a point to work closely with the wedding coordinator. Together, we are an expert team that can make your ceremony as unique as you are. The rehearsal serves as a practice session where we find out if changes need to be made. Remember, the rehearsal is the time to make your ceremony perfect. Having both the officiant and the wedding coordinator present ensures that you have a smooth wedding ceremony on your special day. Bottom line, if you have a coordinator you could go either way.
Q: How long is a typical wedding ceremony?
A: On average 30 minutes. However, because we give you choices you may have a ceremony as short as 15 minutes or it may go to 40 minutes. We like to keep the ceremony at 20 to 30 minutes.
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