The Mission Of Our Wedding Officiants

The team of dedicated wedding officiants will provide and assist with all the resources to make your ceremony personal, elegant and meaningful, no matter what your background or your religious convictions may be. The wedding ceremony will be all about you and each of our wedding officiants will count it an honor to preside over your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Officiants - Andrews Wedding Ceremonies

What our wedding Officiants provide

To capture your dreams and desires, the wedding officiant will provide a Planning Manual complete with worksheets to you to bring all your thoughts and ideas to one place. The next step is the one-on-one consultation two to three weeks before the wedding, so we can go through all your selections and ideas. The wedding Officiant will then ensure everything flows and will be good from a public speaking platform. We could show up and perform your ceremony without any planning, and some couples desire this choice, but I am sure you will agree, that taking a little time to plan and prepare will give you confidence and make the ceremony more personal.

Our wedding Officiants are able to run your rehearsal if you do not have a wedding coordinator. However, having a coordinator for the day of the actual wedding is advisable to ensure everything goes smoothly. Wedding Planners/Coordinators and Officiants make an expert team and takes the stress off you and your family.

We will also be there 30 minutes before the ceremony to make sure everything is set to go and accommodate for any delays on the highways.

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Wedding Officiant Peter Andrews

Wedding Officiant Peter AndrewsRev. Peter Andrews 

As a wedding officiant Peter Andrews has worked with many couples to create a ceremony that is perfect for them. He has also been featured in The Insider Wedding Magazine and couples enjoyed and appreciated his refined presentation and content. Whether your ceremony be a religious or civil, in a formal or informal setting, your wedding should be a reflection of the love that you share with each other. Through the consultation, Peter learns about your personalities, traditions  and along with tasteful lighthearted material, will create a ceremony that will wow your family and guests. In addition to being a wedding officiant who has performed hundreds of ceremonies, Peter is an experienced minister, the founder of Andrews Wedding Ceremonies LLC, author of the manual “Ceremony Planning Guide,” and the teacher of a course at a local university for wedding planners on understanding the wedding ceremony and officiant.

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Wedding Officiant Brandon Honeycutt

Andrews Wedding Ceremonies Brandon HoneycuttRev. Brandon Honeycutt

Wedding Officiant Brandon Honeycutt has worked with many couples to make their wedding ceremony a memorable celebration that is uniquely perfect for them. Whether the couple desires a religious or civil ceremony, traditional or informal, or whether the event is epic in scale or small and intimate, Brandon Honeycutt desires to provide the experience and support to make each ceremony everything that is dreamed of by each couple. He also sees every ceremony as a deep honor and opportunity to serve the couple in a way that will inaugurate their lives together and will be remembered by family and friends for generations. Through time spent with the couple, Brandon discovers the unique love and personality of each couple and also the meaningful traditions and personal elements to be woven into a perfect celebration. Brandon is known for his warm demeanor with a touch of humor that has couples at ease and helps all to enjoy the celebration. In addition to being a wedding officiant, Brandon and his wife are certified couple’s coaches as well as seasoned pre-marital and marriage counselors.

Pre-marital counseling is NOT required for our services. However, these services are offered by this officiant.

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Wedding Officiant Rodney Prater

Rodney Prater Andrews Wedding CeremoniesRev. Rodney Prater

I am an ordained non-denominational minister. As a wedding officiant, I perform religious and civil ceremonies and treat them both romantically special. I work with straight and same sex couples and will ensure your selections are included in the ceremony. Making your wedding my upmost priority, our worksheets will make your ceremony unique, personal and meaningful that guests and family will have lasting memories of  your celebration.

Rodney Prater will also be honored to perform your same sex ceremony




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Wedding Officiant Couple Option

Wedding Officiants Brandon and Sarai Honeycutt

Andrews Wedding Ceremonies couple optionIf your need is an English/Spanish wedding this could be a perfect solution for you. Doing a ceremony in both English and Spanish is not only challenging for the officiant but also for the listeners. A Couple Option will give your ceremony variety, interest and uniqueness, as it is presented by two officiants in their native tongue. By doing so, everyone will not only understand, but also feel and receive the love the two of you want to express to your family and close friends.

Sarai and Brandon come with loads of experience and qualification. They will share your love, happiness and family cultural heritage. See their individual biographies above.



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Wedding Officiant Nathan Kortu

Andrews Wedding Ceremonies bishop Nathan KortuBishop Nathan Kortu

Wedding officiant Nathan Kortu can be described by the following: Live Well…Love Sacrificially…Laugh Often…Stay Curious. With those characteristics he would be perfect to perform your wedding ceremony. Ceremonies require careful planning, inspiring messages, sincere vows, just enough humor and romantic touches for them to touch not only the bride and groom but all the family and friends that have been gathered for this special celebration. Contact us for his availability and also to connect directly with him.





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