Services For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Officiant Eben GourleyYou should have a wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed about. Whether it is contemporary or traditional, religious or civil, non-denominational or interfaith, your ceremony can be romantic and meaningful.

To help make your wedding dreams come true, our wedding Officiants provide you and your fiancé with services to create the next chapter in your love story. To capture your dreams and desires a Planning Manual and a one-on-one consultation are provided as part of our package. We could show up and perform your ceremony without any planning, but I am sure you would agree that taking a little time to plan and prepare will make the most significant event of your life so much more meaningful. Whether you have been together already or not, a wedding is a magical and spiritual event that you will speak about for the rest of your lives.

The Importance of the Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony is important because it is the heart of your wedding day and the reason for the celebration to follow. It incorporates the pure beauty and magic of your love commitment to one another. We want your guests to walk out of the ceremony with warm hearts, tears in their eyes and saying, “That was the best wedding ceremony we have ever attended.” When we have accomplished this, together, then you have fulfilled your dream wedding ceremony. So it is important that your wedding Officiant be just as polished as everything else. Don’t fall into the trap of cheapening this crucial step or trying to get it done as quickly as possible so the party can begin.

From the Officiant’s prospective, your ceremony should not go over 30 minutes, unless of course you have an extra large wedding party walking in and out, your guests can only handle that amount of time, not to mention the two of you stand for the duration.

Wedding Ceremony Planning Manual

Ceremony planning manual andrews wedding ceremoniesSelecting us as your wedding Officiant brings to you some very valuable tools. We provide you with a “Ceremony Planning Manual” when we receive your booking. The manual will guide your planning process and provide you worksheets for the consultation with us and also for your rehearsal. These materials help you discuss certain ceremony elements and decisions beforehand. Making decisions on the spot with your officiant can be challenging.




Andrews Wedding Ceremonies woman holding free consultation

At the consultation, which is scheduled two to three weeks before your wedding, you and your fiancé will go through the ceremony with the wedding Officiant to make sure everyone is on the same page. The ceremony is not about what we want, but about the two of you and the love that you would like to communicate to each other. We go through each line item to ensure that we include your selections, making your ceremony simple and romantic.


Who Should Secure The Wedding Officiant?

Rachel Andrews PhotographyTradition has it that the groom selects and secures the Officiant. However, with the complexity of planning a wedding today, it is safe, for the groom, to consult the bride with the research and the short list of wedding Officiants.

Grooms, a word of advice. Don’t go cheap and don’t wait until the last minute, your search ideally should start nine months before your ceremony. Your short list should include: webpages, biographies and recent pictures of the Officiants. Also see 10 Question To Ask Your Officiant and Tips For Choosing An Officiant